Calvary Worship Center was founded in April 1992 as a Decade of Harvest church, a home missions project of the Assemblies of God. Founding Pastor Randy Feldschau guided the church from its beginning until 1998. The church met in the back of an office-retail complex in a strip center on Wells Branch Parkway. During his tenure CWC purchased a five-acre tract of land fronting FM1325, one of the busiest roads in Austin.

This property has a rich spiritual history. In 1836 Captain Nelson Merrill of the Texas Rangers purchased land from the new state of Texas for $0.50 an acre. Part of his property became known as Merrilltown. When their infant daughter died in 1852, Captain Merrill and his wife, Julia, buried her on a hilltop near their home and designated a five-acre plot of land to be used as a “church or cemetery forever.”

As the community of Merrilltown grew, a church was built on this property in 1856, and later, a school. Throughout the 19th century, camp meetings and revivals were held here. When the school district closed in the 1930s, the property was assigned to the Round Rock school district but never used. CWC was able to purchase the five-acre tract from the school district and return the property to its original use as a church and cemetery.

Bill Vanderbush, who served as CWC’s first youth pastor from 1993-1998, was subsequently elected to the position of senior pastor, which he held until 2005. In 2001 the church broke ground and began construction of a new facility to better serve the church body and the community. 

Today we still walk on the narrow road laid with stones of sacrifice from those who have gone before us, continuing the heritage of faith that began here many generations ago. May we pass on a legacy of devotion to Jesus Christ, and may all who come behind us find us faithful.